ARC’d 6.1 Missing Icons

Hello First thank you for using ARC’d. Its still a joy that nearly 2 years after its initial release it is still being used. Put it this way if i had a £1 for everytime its been downloaded i’d be a wealthy person! But regarding the theme issues try the following: 1. Make sure SummerBoard […]

ARC’d HD/SD 5.1.1 Update…

… is coming soon! I have finally updated my phone and now sat happily jailbroken. Once i have all my settings on etc… (gotta be how i like it) i will start updating ARC’d iOS theme. The theme will be hopefully ready by the time the weekend is over if i pull my finger out, […]

New Theme – First preview

Hello All, I know its been a while but i have finally started a new theme that I’am with. I’m going for a simplier look than ARC’d but with the same quality in icon detail. Let me know what you think of the first preview (Twitter & Folder). Liam Kenyon

Merry Christmas (Christmas rant)

Hello all and first off let me say thank you! My thanks are extended you the 100,000+ people that have downloaded [button link=” ” size=”small” color=”#e44884″ text=”#000000″ window=”yes”]ARCd HD/SD[/button] ! And to everyone of the 2,000 visitors to the site since its re-luanch at the end of November.