New Support Changes for 2017

Support Changes There is going to be some new support changes this year due to the amount of customers i’ve acquired in the past 12 months i’ve had to move all support online via my website. All support requests will now need to be made via this will mean i can respond in a […]

Its been a while…

Its been a while since i’ve posted any new designs , well anything in that matter! After the major success of iDZN which raised almost $5,000 for charity i decided to have some time away a little hiatus if you will. Then once i’d been on holiday and was back in the normal world my […]

ARC’d 6.1 Missing Icons

Hello First thank you for using ARC’d. Its still a joy that nearly 2 years after its initial release it is still being used. Put it this way if i had a £1 for everytime its been downloaded i’d be a wealthy person! But regarding the theme issues try the following: 1. Make sure SummerBoard […]

ARC’d HD/SD 5.1.1 Update…

… is coming soon! I have finally updated my phone and now sat happily jailbroken. Once i have all my settings on etc… (gotta be how i like it) i will start updating ARC’d iOS theme. The theme will be hopefully ready by the time the weekend is over if i pull my finger out, […]

New Theme – Clear iOS Icon

Was playing around today trying to finally get some icons made for my up and coming theme (taking a while but i’am busy lol) Just a simple icon for the app Clear. Also shows a few supported devices C&C

New Theme – Update

Had a bit more time to have a play around today. Would like some feedback on the settings icon which version do people prefer? Left or Right? Also I’ve included a Calculator icon as I didn’t want to waste a shot for one icon. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. As always comments […]

New Theme – First preview

Hello All, I know its been a while but i have finally started a new theme that I’am with. I’m going for a simplier look than ARC’d but with the same quality in icon detail. Let me know what you think of the first preview (Twitter & Folder). Liam Kenyon

Merry Christmas (Christmas rant)

Hello all and first off let me say thank you! My thanks are extended you the 100,000+ people that have downloaded [button link=” ” size=”small” color=”#e44884″ text=”#000000″ window=”yes”]ARCd HD/SD[/button] ! And to everyone of the 2,000 visitors to the site since its re-luanch at the end of November.