ARC’d 6.1 Missing Icons


First thank you for using ARC’d. Its still a joy that nearly 2 years after its initial release it is still being used. Put it this way if i had a £1 for everytime its been downloaded i’d be a wealthy person!

But regarding the theme issues try the following:

1. Make sure SummerBoard is enabled in winterboard for video/mail icons to theme (reminders icon has a spelling mistake in and will be fixed when i release the update)
2. Download a tweak in Cydia called ThemIconMaker (this will auto theme your Cydia Apps)

Regarding the reminders icon this will be fixed in the next update but if you wish to fix it manually you will need the following:

* iFile

Basic knowledge on how to change items and respring your device.

1. Navigate to the reminders bundle ID:

2. Change the icon name from a Captial “I” to a Lowercase “i”

3. Respring your device.

If you have anymore issues please let me know.

Make sure to watch Cydia for the next update to update the theme to iOS 6.1 and also watch Cydia & ThemeIt App for my new upcoming theme iDZN

All the best

Liam Kenyon

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