Merry Christmas (Christmas rant)

Hello all and first off let me say thank you!

My thanks are extended you the 100,000+ people that have downloaded [button link=” ” size=”small” color=”#e44884″ text=”#000000″ window=”yes”]ARCd HD/SD[/button] ! And to everyone of the 2,000 visitors to the site since its re-luanch at the end of November.

The response to ARC’d release and continued appreciation to it 8 months after its initial release is staggering!

This brings me on to my next issue…

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Yes i will be releasing a new theme in the new year![/box]

I’m yet to fully start this theme (i have a few icons started whioch can be viewed on my dribbble page)

So i hope you all have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and also come back and check out the updates that will be coming over the festive period (no work means more designing time)

Best Wishes

Liam Kenyon


Rant: I’d also like to point out that a number of designers “overuse” the neon blue and light/neon green look. It looks amaerturish and down right shocking!

i won’t name and shame as most people know who i’am going on about as its common knowledge.

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